Coming up, Rainbow occupies the White Cube
Don't miss us at the Occupy Camp in the Berlin Biennale next week. Opening Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 19:00 - 22:00

Upcoming: Polyversity participation at!
In August 2011 the butoh sunmeet in germany with 8 masters and 50 dancers in unique experince researching the scope of the human existence in the digital age.

Rainbow Children at Paiter Suruí Land
From 18 to 24th July we realized a Rainbow Children workshop for inter cultural education fostering the ethnoambiental awerness of the Surui folk as as well as the awerness to different cultures. New understanding and learnings about the colors from the Suruis for all of us are coming out of this experience. On the picture Raiz and Vivi represent this exchange.

Opening of Meta Mate on July first
Friday July first marked one year since we arrived in Berlin. This is the longest time we've spent in one spot in over a decade and hope it is just the beginning. In order to commemorate the occasion we would like to invite you to the Meta Mate Bar. Bring your good energies and we will welcome you with the best Mate that one can find in Berlin (if not at all). We do not take it easy...try out, talk about it...we are passionate about it and welcome your contribution.



Nomadic University is supporting the movement "love4japan"

We are a volunteer non-profit group from Berlin, Germany and wish to offer private accomodation in the World for people living in Japan during a time of uncertainty. Click here to join us.

• Oficina/Workshop
Dia 20 de março, as 14:30 no Museu da Comunicação, Leipszigerstrasse, 16 faremos uma oficina com o tema Top-Escola, incentivando as criancas a criar sua propria midia, integração de diferenças e muita diversão, aprendendo a fazer pop ups e surpresas 3d. O resultado será uma página sobre cada criança que poderá ser anexada no Album Top Escola.

On March 20, on 2.30 PM in the Museum of Communication, Leipzigerstrasse 16, Raven is promoting an workshop with the thema Top Model Top School to motivate the children to create their own media, integrate differences and to learn how to do pop ups and surprises 3d. As a result we suggest that each one will make one own page and create an collective Album about the Top School Neues Toer.

• Upcoming:
Monthly Indian Cooking courses at LaKitchn

Coming Soon! Colours of Holi - Indian Vegetarian Dinner
Holi Meal (Holi is a spring religious festival celebrated by hindus and sikhs) 
Cooking class in German
Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 19h
with Krithika do Canto

Click and see.

Following in her siblings footsteps: Rayne playing baby Jesus in the traditional Berlin Christmas Theater directed by Piotra Szczeniowska in Berlin Spandau.
Rayne, seguindo a tradição da familia, fazendo o papel de Jesus na peça de Natal de bonecos gigantes em Berlin. O Raiz fez este papel em 2008 e a Raven em 2005.   

16 Dec 2010

• On the set of 'Kette-Markt-Super-Die,' a social spot for Oxfam directed by Peter Wedel highlighting the negative repercussions of shopping at supermarkets.  
12 Dec 2010

• Caayari Mate Play and Rainbow Children workshops with differently-abled youngsters at the Himalayan Butoh Festival, in Dharamsala.  
Nov 29 - Dec 5 2010
with Fabrício do Canto
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Ayurvedic Cooking Course in Berlin on October 13 with Krithika do Canto.
Cooking class in German
Khana means food - Indian Diwali Dinner
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 19 h
with Krithika do Canto Click and see.

Nomadic Quilombo in Live Paradise with Mate for everyone September 4 Berlin

• July 2010 - Fritz Mate, chocolates com erva e fotografias no Mauerpark em Berlim. Click and see.

• Cultura Nômade invade o Ciranda Café em Salvador, de 19/05/10 a 28/06/10. Click and see.

• Nomadic University on Bangalore's media. Click and see.

• August 7 - Event in Bangalore, India - 1 ShantiRoad Studio/Gallery. Click and see.

July 22-29 2009 - Field research into Druze Community, Lebanon. Click and see.

•Interview on the Jornal da Cidade em Torres.

June 2009 - our own mate - After planning and replanning our lives and journeys over countless cuias of chimarrao, we decided to retrace our gaucho roots up to the Ilex Mate tree and park our kettles on the hearths, roll up our sleeves and harvest our own mate. Click and see

• Entrevista de Fabrício do Canto para a TV Navegar. Clique abaixo e busque por "Universidade Nômade" no link "assista"

tv navegar

• With the blessings of Caayari and expertise of the 'erva-mate-do-alemåo' we are glad to introduce Fritz-Mate.

• "Mother Plants Area" na mídia de Berlim. (Abrir PDF)